Vulvodynia in the Media

Below please find links to radio and television shows, as well as blogs and newspaper and magazine articles, that have featured vulvodynia. The resources listed are for information purposes only.  Referral to these sources and sites does not imply the endorsement of the NVA.  Further, the NVA does not endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available from these organizations or on these web sites.  These lists are not meant to be comprehensive.  The exclusion of a source or site does not reflect the quality of that source or site.  Please note that sites and URLs are subject to change without notice.



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Sex and Relationships Issue – Column: The struggle of living with chronic pelvic pain
Hannah Eisenberg
DailyLobo: October 25, 2017

Vagina pain could be caused by THIS condition-This Morning GP explains symptoms
Olivia Lerche
EXPRESS:April 27, 2017

Women with Chronic Pain Disorder Struggle to be Diagnosed
Valerie Lapointe
Medill Reports Chicago: February 9, 2016

Understanding changes in the brain key to treating vulvodynia
Lori A. Brotto
Globe and Mail: April 23, 2015

New Insights into Genital Pain in Women
Jane Brody
New York Times: January 29, 2008

HBO aside, vulvodynia can be painfully true story
Wendy Navratil
Chicago Tribune: June 13, 2001

No Laughing Matter: A below-the-belt joke in Sex and the City’s season premiere proves not so funny in real life
Susan Ferraro
New York Daily News: June 7, 2001



Is it Normal For Your Vagina to Burn?
Hannah Smothers
Cosmopolitan: January 2018

Your health: vulvodynia
Kimberley Hibbert
Jamaica Observer: December 2017

Millions Of Women Face Astonishing Pain When They Have Sex. Why Don’t Their Doctors Take Them Seriously?
Maxwell Williams
GOOD: July 2017

What Is Vulvodynia
Jenna Houston
curve: July 2017

Vestibulodynia: the vaginal condition you need to know about
Eleanor James
Cosmopolitan: June 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets Schooled In Women’s Health After Tweeting That Sex Can’t Hurt
Korin Miller
SELF: March 2016

A Couple Opens Up About The Very Real Pain Of Vulvodynia
Amanda Schupak
SELF: February 2016

Is Painful Sex Normal?
Hannah Smothers
Cosmopolitan: February 2016

This Mysterious, Painful Medical Condition Makes Sex Almost Impossible
Hannah Smothers
Cosmopolitan: January 2016

Multidisciplinary Approach Benefits Provoked Vestibulodynia
Medical Xpress: November 2014

“I Have Vulvodynia…So I, Um, Botoxed My Vagina”
Korin Miller
Cosmopolitan: May 2013

Surgery For Vulvar Pain
Joanna Karpasea-Jones
EmpowHer: February 2012

Botox Saved my Life
Corey Binns
MarieClaire: August 2011

When Sex Wouldn’t Stop Hurting
Chloe Angyal December 2010

9 Things You Should Ask Your Gynecologist
Sarah Jio
Woman’s Day: January 2010

12 Ways to Make Your Love Life Sizzle Again
Amy Beal April 2009

A Longtime Vulvodynia Patient Finally Gets Help from a Pain Specialist
Louise Sloan September 2008

Coping with 5 Common Sex Problems
Lindsay Lyon, Adam Voiland, Sarah Baldauf
US News & World Report: September 2008

Pelvic Problems that Affect Your Sex Life
Heather Morgan Shott
WebMD: May/June 2008

Help for Intimate Pain
Denise Foley
Prevention: November 2007

Your (Very Personal) Health at 20, 30, 40 and 50
Andrea Cooper
Redbook: October 2007

Help! What can I do about vaginal burning?
Dr. Judith Reichman
Today Health: December 2005



Dr. Paul Christo’s “Aches and Gains”
Podcasts (Sexual Pain: Part 1 and Part 2): January 2012



Dr. Oz Show: January 2010

MTV True Life: December 2010

ABC 7 :November 2009

20/20: August 2009

Seeking Solutions with Suzanne: January 2007

Sex and the City: June 2001