NVA Invites Proposals for the Dr. Stanley C. Marinoff Vulvodynia Career Development Award

Deadline to Submit Letter of Intent is April 10, 2017
Deadline to Submit Application is May 15, 2017

The Dr. Stanley C. Marinoff Vulvodynia Career Development Award was created to enable junior medical faculty to pursue an interest in improving the health care of women with vulvodynia.  This $7500 award may be used (i) to create or enhance a vulvar pain clinic, especially in underserved areas, or (ii) for a clinically relevant research project. It is our hope that this award will attract more junior medical professionals into the vulvodynia field.

The award is open to all medical professionals beginning a career in this field or pursuing an advanced degree related to vulvodynia. Investigators who have already received vulvodynia-specific grant support from the National Institutes of Health or the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (or similar funding organization) are not eligible. Likewise, those who have published more than one original article on vulvodynia in a peer-reviewed scientific journal are not eligible. If the applicant is affiliated with a university, he/she can have a clinical or full-time faculty appointment up to the level of assistant professor.
Recipients of the Career Development Award receive $7,500. The applicant’s institution is encouraged to contribute matching funds, or at least a portion of the amount. All NVA grants, including the Marinoff award, may be spent only on direct project costs. NVA does not permit any amount of the award to be spent on overhead or indirect costs.
Application Procedure:
If you are interested in applying, at your earliest convenience, please send an email to Phyllis Mate at pmate@nva.org that includes a brief (1-2 paragraph) summary of your proposed project goals and objectives by April 10, 2017. Once we have received this information from you, Michelle Living will email you a full application to complete and submit by May 15, 2017.


We welcome correspondence about potential projects. To discuss your proposal, please contact Phyllis Mate via email (pmate@nva.org) or leave a message at (301)299-0775.