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Thank you for visiting the NVA’s web site. 

You are not alone! A recent study found that one in four women experience chronic vulvar pain at some point in their lives, making vulvodynia a very common disorder affecting women and girls of all ages and ethnicities.

We are here to help!  Whether you are a woman with vulvodynia (or think that you may have the condition), a family member or friend of an affected woman or a health care provider who treats the disorder, NVA has developed numerous resources to help you learn about the disorder and obtain the help you need.

The most frequented pages on NVA’s site are listed below. If you are not able to quickly find the information you are looking for, we welcome your correspondence. Please contact us by clicking here

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The National Vulvodynia Association is a nonprofit organization that strives to improve women's lives through education, support, advocacy and research funding. The NVA is not a medical authority and strongly recommends that you consult your own health care provider regarding any course of treatment or medication.