Educational Booklets

The NVA has developed four educational booklets that can be viewed instantly and downloaded by members. To obtain a printed copy, please contact us by phone (301-299-0775) or e-mail If you are a health care provider and would like to purchase copies for your office, please click here.

Vulvodynia: A Self-Help Guide

The NVA is pleased to announce the publication of a revised version of our popular self-help guide for women with vulvodynia. Released in January 2016, the guide covers vulvodynia from both the gynecological and chronic pain perspectives, providing suggestions for self-care and advice from other affected women.

Vulvodynia, Pregnancy and Childbirth

NVA’s 40-page pregnancy booklet, the first resource on the subject written specifically for women with vulvodynia, includes information on conception through the postpartum period. In addition to describing alternate methods of conception and childbirth options, it offers advice on minimizing vulvar pain during pregnancy.

My Partner Has Vulvodynia - What Do I Need To Know?

After reading this brochure, partners will have a better understanding of vulvodynia and the challenges of living with it. In addition to encouraging partners to be supportive, it discusses the impact of vulvodynia on relationships and offers advice on maintaining sexual intimacy.

How to Apply for Disability Benefits

This pamphlet is intended for women who cannot continue to work and are seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. It provides step-by-step guidance that will help vulvodynia sufferers compile and submit a successful claim. Facts and figures on vulvodynia, and a list of additional resources, are included.