Chronic Vulvar and Vaginal Pain in the Media

Below are links to various media outlets that have featured stories on chronic vulvar and vaginal pain. The resources listed are for information purposes only.  Referral to these sources and sites does not imply the endorsement of the NVA.  Further, the NVA does not endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available from these organizations or on these web sites.  These lists are not meant to be comprehensive.  The exclusion of a source or site does not reflect the quality of that source or site.  Please note that sites and URLs are subject to change without notice.



Mirror: April 2024

POPSUGAR: November 2023

The SPINOFF: September 2023

The Juggernaut: June 2023

Healio: April 2023

Fashion Journal: April 2023

Giddy: April 2023

Mind & Body: October 2022

Fashion Journal: August 2021

SLATE: August 2021

ABC News: March 2021

Glamour: December 2020

ACOG: October 2020

Psychology Today: October 2020

Women’sHealth: February 2020

Sex For Every Body: February 2020

YourPaceYoga: August 2019

Eurek Alert: May 2019

THE Sun: May 2019

SELF: September 2017

ROMPER: July 2017

ROMPER: July 2017 August 2015

U.S. News: May 2015 March 2014

Pelvic Guru: August 2013



Painful Sex? Broken Vaginas? This underground zine normailizes the taboo
Kailyn Brown
The Los Angeles Times: January 18, 2024

Sex in your 20s is supposed to be easy. For some women, it’s painful.
Perspective by Netana Markovitz
The Washington Post: July 16, 2022

Why painful sex can plague women at any age
Erin Blakemore
The Washington Post: October 20, 2019

When sex is painful: ‘A lot of women think it’s their fault’
Sorcha Pollak
The Irish Times: January 5, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Women find menopausal relief with high-tech MonaLisa Touch laser 
Meredith Engel
Daily News: May 28, 2015



16% Of Women Have Chronic Vulvar Pain. Meet The Doctors Leading The Advancements In Treatment
Cheryl Robinson
Forbes: January 2023

What Happens to Relationships When Sex Hurts
Ashley Fetters
The Atlantic: November 2019

What Living With Vaginismus Is Like
Aysha Mahmood
teenVOGUE: September 2017

Um, Doctors Really Need to Start Taking Women’s Sexual Problems Seriously
Suzannah Weiss
GLAMOUR: September 2017

I Needed Physical Therapy To Fix My “Broken” Vagina
Hanna LoPatin
Cosmopolitan: February 2017

Are Shorts Messing With Your Vulva?
Elizabeth Narins
Cosmopolitan: July 2015