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Real Women. Real Pain. A Real Cure.

Look into the eyes of a woman with vulvodynia and you’ll see your mother, your daughter, your sister, your friend. Every day, millions of women of all ages and races worldwide are dealing with this mysterious condition that causes chronic vulvar pain. Sadly, to date, there is no definitive cure.

Look closer into the eyes of a woman with vulvodynia and you’ll also see the shining rays of hope. Hope that there will one day be a cure that will end her suffering and allow her to resume a normal life again, pain free.

We’re honored to present the following stories of courageous women with vulvodynia who have chosen to manage their pain, instead of allowing their pain to manage them. As you read their stories, we hope you’ll see someone you love reflected in each one and do your best to help us find a cure.


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Carol B

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Céline M

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Erin K

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Jenny Leigh

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Katie Conrad

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Lyn Feinstein

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Martha Klasen

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Michelle Living

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Natalie G

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Nicole M

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Pattie M

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Sherrie Underwood

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Sister Mary Ann

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