Patient Stories

Real Stories. Real Pain. Real Hope.

We’re honored to present the following stories of courageous individuals with vulvodynia who have chosen to manage their pain, instead of allowing their pain to manage them. As you read their stories, we hope you’ll see someone you love reflected in each one and do your best to help us find a cure. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact Michelle Living for more information by emailing

Allison Landry

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Carol B

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Céline M

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Erin K

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Jenny Leigh

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Katie Conrad

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Laura D

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Leah S.

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Lyn Feinstein

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Martha R

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Megan O

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Michelle Living

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Natalie G

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Pame Clynes

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Pattie M

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Paula R

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Sherrie Underwood

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Sister Mary Ann

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Soph Myers-Kelley

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Stephanie F

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Tiffany Roche

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