Health Care Provider List

Health Care Professional Referrals

The NVA maintains a comprehensive database of health care professionals who treat vulvar pain disorders. In an effort to assist women in making informed choices about their health care, the NVA has expanded the information contained within its health care provider referral database. After you join the NVA, we will (if requested) provide you with a referral list of health care practitioners in your geographic area. Alternatively, U.S. members can access this list online.

The list contains the following information:

  • expanded contact information, such as the provider’s website address where additional information on his/her practice can be viewed
  • specialty information (including whether a provider practices obstetrics)
  • practice type (i.e., private practice, hospital outpatient clinic, etc.)
  • average number of vulvodynia patients seen per month
  • percentage of his/her practice devoted to either vulvar disorders or chronic pain
  • whether the provider is currently involved in clinical or basic science research related to vulvodynia and his/her sources of funding

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