Share Your Hopeful Story with Fellow Sufferers

Research shows that 40% of women with vulvodynia do not seek medical care. To help women with vulvodynia feel less isolated, advocate for themselves and seek appropriate medical care, the NVA would like to hear from those who are willing to share their experiences in our online/printed materials.  We want vulvodynia sufferers who read our materials to “see” and understand that they are not alone and that there is hope for them. By sharing just some of your story, you are in a unique position to provide invaluable support and encouragement to other women.  
In an e-mail to, we welcome you to submit your personal story about your experience with vulvodynia. Submissions should be approximately 600 words, but no more than 750 words. We encourage you to include hopeful and helpful advice on successfully coping with vulvodynia along with a brief summary of how the NVA, empowering and educating yourself and/or supporting other sufferers has helped you to achieve improved health and quality of life. Some specific topics you may wish to include are ways you have found to:

  • manage your symptoms
  • cope with negative emotions associated with vulvodynia, e.g., depression
  • maintain an intimate relationship with your significant other or spouse in spite of vulvodynia
  • manage daily household responsibilities when vulvar pain interferes with your ability to carry these out

 In your email, please:

  1. specify how you would like your name to be listed should we have an opportunity to use your story in some of our materials; for example, anonymous, first and last name initials only, first name only, full first name and last name initial, etc.
  2. attach a recent photo of yourself (if you are comfortable with us publishing this along with your story)
  3. state that you give the NVA permission to publish your response(s)

If we are able to include your submission in any of our materials, we will notify you and send you a final draft to review and approve prior to publication.
Thank you for sharing your experience with other women with vulvodynia. Together we can overcome the feelings of isolation that accompany this disorder!