Phyllis Mate, NVA President, Featured In Article on Dating Website

The National Vulvodynia Association is pleased to release a recently published article featuring NVA President, Phyllis Mate, and highlighting the NVA’s many achievements since 1994 in supporting women with chronic vulvar pain. The NVA was founded in 1994 by five vulvodynia Patients in Washington, DC. Just one year later, our support network was formed and by 1997 we awarded our first pilot research grant to a scientist at Johns Hopkins University. Today, the NVA has numerous volunteers within the United States and Canada who offer email and phone support to women all over the world. In addition, the NVA funds numerous research studies, publishes newsletters containing detailed articles by medical experts on the diagnosis and treatment of vulvodynia, and features articles on maintaining sexual intimacy and coping with chronic pain along with many other resources for members and non-members on our website.

You can view the article here.

For more information on the NVA history, please click here.